Five Benefits of Selling Your House in the Fall

Five Benefits of Selling Your House in the Fall

If you’re considering a move, you’re probably wondering, “When is the best time to sell my home.” You might be asking yourself, “Should I sell my house this fall?” You may wonder if it would be better to wait for the spring market.
While spring is typically a good time to sell, many homeowners don’t realize the many benefits of selling a house in the fall. As you weigh your selling options, consider these fall season advantages.

Less competition

In the spring and summer, there are more houses on the market than in the fall. That means you have greater competition for the buyers who are out shopping for new homes. With fewer options to choose from in the fall, buyers may be willing to pay more for your home.

Serious buyers

The people who are looking at homes in the fall are generally more serious buyers. In the spring and summer, you can get a lot of visitors who are simply looking at homes out of curiosity but aren’t seriously considering buying anything in the near future. In the fall, people are busy with jobs and school and are more likely to look at homes only if they are seriously considering a purchase.

New job season

Part of the reason fall buyers are more serious shoppers is due to job changes. January is the most popular month for hiring and new-job starts. This means people who are relocating for work often need to find a new home in time to start their new positions in January. This increases your chances of selling your home quickly and efficiently to a buyer who is ready to move and close on a new home.

Inviting décor

Selling your home in the fall gives you the opportunity to showcase your home during the holidays. A home that is spruced up with holiday décor is inviting and is likely to make buyers feel welcome and at-home in your surroundings. It provides an emotional engagement that is harder to achieve during other times of the year. This additional appeal can help your home sell more quickly and fetch a higher price.

Open calendar

Realtors and other professionals who are involved in a home sale are less busy in the fall. You’ll have less competition for their time, so you may be able to enjoy more personalized attention. You can schedule appointments at times that are the most convenient for you and feel less rushed through the process. This can help with scheduling inspections, showings, open houses, appraisals and more.

Reap the benefits

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