Our Agents and Brokers work as a team to serve our clients as best we can.

Improving image

You as a licensed, professional real estate agent, have just sold a great investment property. When you make the referral to Valley Executives Real Estate & Property Management as potential management for that property, your client suddenly realizes there is a whole team looking after his or her interests. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Everyone has a specialty

Our real estate agent partners all tell us about the same thing – they have neither the time nor the inclination to look after the day-to-day management of investment properties they have sold. They gladly work in their area of expertise (finding and selling properties) while leaving the management details to Valley Executives Real Estate & Property Management. We take care of repairs, notices, screening tenants, and all the other details of property management. When the property owner informs us that the property needs to go back on the market for sale, we refer the owner back to you. We are in no way your competitor.

There is money in it for the licensed real estate agent

Sometimes agents have clients who just cannot sell for financial reasons or own properties that are simply not moving at the moment. The logical thing to do is convert those properties into income producing rental properties. When those agents refer their clients to us, we provide a referral fee. If conditions change and the client is ready to place the property back on the market, the agent gets a notification call from us. As we said, ” We are in no way your competitor.”

If you want to get out of management

When a manager of investment property wants to get out of the business, Valley Executives Real Estate & Property Management may be the solution. We are interested in buying out other companies as we grow and expand ours. With our past experience in doing this, we can make the transition as smooth as possible. Please call [Valley Executives Real Estate & Property Management and (480) 756-4291] to find out how we can help.

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