The below Procedure is based off of Valley Executives Real Estate & Property Management most current lease. If your contract is different, please reference your lease for move out requirements. If you’re not sure or have any questions, please contact your Property Manager or our Corporate Office @ (480) 756-4281.

Move Out Procedures

1. Tenant must deliver advance, written, thirty (30) days notice as required per paragraph 9 of Lease Agreement.

2. At the end of the Lease Agreement, the entire surface area of carpet area must be vacuumed and then professionally cleaned by a licensed and bonded carpet cleaner. Tenant shall provide Landlord / Property Manager with the invoice and receipt of payment at Lease Agreement termination.

3. Tenant agrees to ensure that all light bulbs, A/C filters, screens, smoke alarms, locks, and garage openers must be in place and in good working order. All nails and picture hooks removed and walls/doors washed. New A/C Filters installed and a/c vents and covers must be cleaned. All light fixtures, fan blades, mirrors, door knobs, and other hardware must be cleaned. Kitchen dirt and grease around range top burners must be removed and broiler pans replaced if needed. Walls washed, touched up or painted if needed. Refrigerators must be defrosted, water/ice emptied, unplugged and left open to air. Driveways and outside sidewalks must be clean and free of debris, oil and grease stains. Outside areas and yards must be green, mowed, and trimmed. Trees and bushes need to be green and trimmed. Rock areas should be raked, free of weeds/grass, and without damage. Trash, debris and personal property must be removed from the premises.

4. Tenant agrees to maintain all utilities on until termination of Tenancy.

5. Tenant must turn in keys, remotes and any other items listed in paragraph 24 of the Lease Agreement, to the Property Management office by 5:00 PM of the last day of the Lease Agreement ending date. Leaving keys in or on the premises will not be considered a return of the keys. Tenant is obligated to pay rent until keys have been physically returned to Landlord. Returning keys to Landlord does not relieve Tenant of lease obligations to the Lease Agreement ending date or to provide a written thirty (30) day notice to move. Tenant must pay for all legal costs, rent, late fees, lease commissions, admin fees, notices, locksmith, and other costs due to a “hold over” by not physically delivering keys on the last day of tenancy.

6. Tenant agrees to fill out Move-Out Key Return Form stating number and types of keys and remotes returned to Property Management office and to provide a forwarding address. If no forwarding address is provided, security deposit disposition will be sent to the Tenant’s last known residence.

7. Upon Termination of Tenancy, Landlord / Property Manager will schedule a move out inspection time and date. Move out inspection to occur during normal business hours and as a time that is convenient to Landlord / Property Manager. Tenant may be present at the move-out inspection of the property and must notify Landlord / Property Manager of their request to be present prior to termination of Tenancy. Landlord / Property Manager will notify Tenant via email of inspection time and date.

Move Out Charges

1. If carpets are not cleaned as stated herein, Landlord will have carpets cleaned at Tenant’s expense. If pet, food or other odors exist after carpet cleaning is completed, Landlord will have carpets treated for odor removal and cost of treatment / re-cleaning will be charged to Tenant.

2. The cleaning fee covers a general cleaning of kitchen and bathrooms and vacuum throughout. Tenant will be charged for any necessary cleaning required in excess of the cleaning fee.

3. Tenant agrees that if the premises are not returned in the same condition as Tenant received it, less fair wear and tear as determined by Landlord, Tenant will be charged Landlord’s cost to repair. This includes both inside and outside parts of the premises.

4. Personal property remaining after move out will be disposed of without accountability and Tenant will be charged for disposal cost.

5. Tenant agrees to pay any unpaid rent, late charges, notice charges or other unpaid charges at move out.

6. Landlord will first apply security and pet deposits to satisfy the charges listed above (# 1-5). However, if these deposits are insufficient to satisfy the total charges, Landlord will send Tenant at the most recent known address, an itemized bill which Tenant agrees to pay promptly. Landlord agrees to return all refundable deposits in accordance with A.R.S. 33-1321.

Move Out Inspection:

Landlord / Property Manager will compare Tenant’s Move in Condition Checklist against the move out condition of the premises less any fair wear and tear. Refundable deposits due Tenant are returned within the time period provided for in the ARTLA and include an itemization of deductions for cleaning, landscaping, damages, utilities, and any other outstanding amounts due to Landlord and/or Property Manager.

The only protection the Tenant has against being charged for repairs that were required at move in or damages that were in existence when they moved in, or any unkempt, dirty or otherwise unacceptable condition that may have existed prior to Tenant’s occupancy, is the MOVE IN CONDITION CHECKLIST. If the condition either inside or outside the premises is not noted on the MOVE IN CONDITION CHECKLIST then Tenant will pay for the repair, damage or cleaning or whatever charges are necessary to bring the premises back to its original condition.

Landlord and Property Manager recommend for Tenant to be present at the time of the move out inspection. However once possession has been returned to Landlord, it is too late to complete repairs or cleaning found at the move out inspection to be Tenant charges against their security deposit.

If you have any questions, please contact your Property Manager or our Corporate Office@ 480-756-4281.